UITF Rates

UITF or Unit Investment Trust Fund is a group investment schemes wherein funds from various investors are pooled together into a single common fund to achieve a common investment objective. The funds collected are entrusted (thus, a trust) to a professional investment manager who manages the fund’s portfolio.

There are many kinds of UITF products. These include:

Peso Money Market Fund: To jump to NAV and ROI table, click here.

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Peso Equity Fund: To jump to NAV and ROI table, click here.

The general investment objectives and client suitability for these UITFs are described below. These were consolidated from:

BDO Trust and Investments Group,

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, and

BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation.

You can purchase UITFs by visiting your bank (over the counter), via online banking, or through online stock market brokers like BDO Securities. Go to How to Invest in UITF for detailed step-by-step procedure.

Peso Money Market Fund UITF

General Investment Objective: To preserve capital and generate income from low-risk fixed income securities.

Client Suitability: The Fund is suitable for investors with moderate risk appetite and are looking for safe and liquid investments with yields relatively better than those of savings and time deposit accounts. Recommended investment horizon: minimum of six (6) months.

Peso Money Market Fund NAV Table
Jun 11, 20211,644.47040.2472%1.7040170.2351%
Jun 04, 20211,644.31280.2376%1.7038080.2228%d261.640.4839%c
May 28, 20211,644.16110.2283%1.7036140.2114%261.640.4839%b
May 21, 20211,644.00920.2191%1.7034440.2014%261.480.4225%
May 14, 20211,643.84660.2092%1.7031930.1866%261.24*0.3303%a
May 07, 20211,643.72280.2016%1.7030260.1768%261.240.3303%
Apr 30, 20211,643.53520.1902%1.7028580.1669%261.050.2573%
Apr 23, 20211,643.40660.1823%1.7026620.1554%261.080.2688%
Apr 16, 20211,643.26690.1738%1.7024650.1438%260.930.2112%
Apr 08, 20211,643.10160.1637%1.7022170.1240%260.650.1037%
Mar 31, 20211,642.93970.1539%1.7020070.1116%260.760.1459%
Mar 26, 20211,642.84890.1788%1.7019120.1061%260.710.1267%
Mar 19, 20211,642.66690.1372%1.7017270.0952%260.580.0768%
Mar 12, 20211,642.50630.1275%1.7015410.0842%260.600.0845%
Mar 05, 20211,642.30910.1154%1.7013720.0743%260.800.1613%
Feb 26, 20211,642.12770.1044%1.7011470.0611%260.870.1882%
Feb 19, 20211,641.97110.0948%1.7010130.0532%260.860.1459%
Feb 11, 20211,641.75420.0816%1.7008600.0442%260.920.1689%
Feb 05, 20211641.52250.0675%1.7007130.0355%260.920.1689%
Jan 29, 20211641.32240.0553%1.7006050.0292%260.830.1344%
Jan 22, 20211641.10310.0419%1.7004510.0201%260.720.0921%
Jan 15, 20211640.89990.0295%1.7003260.0128%260.620.0537%
Jan 08, 20211640.70510.0177%1.7002180.0064%260.550.0269%
Weekly Performance of Select Peso Money Market Funds. (a) BDO Peso Money Market Fund; (b) Metro Money Market Fund; c) BPI Money Market Fund

Peso Bond Fund UITF

General Investment objective: To provide a high level of income with preservation of capital and maintenance of liquidity.

Client Suitability: The Fund is suitable for investors with moderate risk appetite and who are looking for higher yields and are willing to take the attendant risks that come with portfolios that may have investments with longer tenors. Recommended investment horizon: minimum of three (3) years.

Peso Bond Fund NAV Table
Jun 11, 20212,348.6431-0.1265%2.127112-0.4498%
Jun 04, 20212,342.78-0.3757%2.124608-0.5670%d199.760.4021%c
May 28, 20212,343.16-0.3599%2.124016-0.5947%199.660.3518%b
May 21, 20212,343.52-0.3445%2.123564-0.6159%199.560.3016%
May 14, 20212,338.22-0.5696%2.120917-0.7398%199.11*0.0754%a
May 07, 20212,336.35-0.6493%2.1186720.8448%199.110.0754%
Apr 30, 20212,333.08-0.7883%2.114461-1.0419%199.100.0704%
Apr 23, 20212,333.71-0.7616%2.116167-0.9621%199.320.02010%
Apr 16, 20212,332.49-0.8133%2.114500-1.0401%199.10-0.0903%
Apr 08, 20212,332.11-0.8294%2.112589-1.1941%198.96-0.1606%
Mar 31, 20212,327.37-1.0311%2.111007-1.2681%198.970.1556%
Mar 26, 20212,327.08-1.0433%2.111889-1.2269%198.77-0.0955%
Mar 19, 20212,321.35-1.2871%2.105984-1.5030%198.71-0.1257%
Mar 12, 20212,322.21-1.2504%2.106402-1.4835%198.59-0.1860%
Mar 05, 20212,339.71-0.5065%2.122968-0.7087%199.400.2211%
Feb 26, 20212,334.66-0.7211%2.125430-0.5936%199.410.2262%
Feb 19, 20112,343.86-0.3301%2.130841-0.3405%199.450.2463%
Feb 11, 20212,350.04-0.0672%2.136494-0.0761%199.680.3619%
Feb 05, 20212,353.300.0713%2.1399440.0853%199.710.3770%
Jan 29, 20212,352.790.0500%2.1390560.0437%199.510.2764%
Jan 22, 20212,351.14-0.0204%2.1427620.2171%199.470.2563%
Jan 15, 20212,351.840.0093%2.138320.0099%198.96-0.1606%
Jan 08, 20212,349.05-0.1091%2.13670-0.0665%199.22-0.0301%
Weekly Performance of Select Peso Bond Funds. (a) BDO Peso Bond Fund; (b) Metrobank Max-5 Bond Fund; c) BPI Premium Bond Fund

The table above shows the Net Asset Value (NAV) per unit of selected Peso Bond Fund UITFs and the corresponding year-to-date Return on Investment (Ytd ROI).

Equity Index Fund UITF

General Investment Objective: To provide investors with a total return which reflects the return of the PSE Index (PSEi).

Client Suitability: The Fund is suitable for investors with aggressive risk appetite and who seek potentially higher returns through stock market investments but are also aware of the possibility of capital losses that such investments may entail. Recommended investment horizon: minimum of three (3) years.

Equity Index Fund NAV Table
Jun 11, 202192.2880-2.8173%2.251359-4.3398%
Jun 04, 202190.7849-4.4001%2.226852-5.3811%d93.46-4.4669%c
May 28, 202189.1820-6.0880%2.189473-6.9693%86.66-11.4178%b
May 21, 202182.8222-12.78512.070932-12.0061%84.70-13.4212%
May 14, 202183.6864-11.8751%2.072501-11.9394%86.79*-11.2849%a
May 07, 202183.5008-12.0705%2.081009-11.5779%86.79-11.2849%
Apr 30, 202185.0094-10.4819%2.101016-10.7278%86.75-11.3258%
Apr 23, 202185.1018-10.3846%2.108097-10.4270%87.89-10.1605%
Apr 16, 202186.6642-8.7394%2.136782-9.2081%88.16-9.8845%
Apr 08, 202187.3022-8.0670%2.181181-6.5484%88.62-9.4143%
Mar 31, 202185.9742-9.4660%2.151261-7.8303%89.31-8.7090%
Mar 26, 202187.3336-8.0345%2.152444-7.7797%89.79-8.2183%
Mar 19, 202185.7905-9.6594%2.119410-9.1950%90.36-7.6357%
Mar 12, 202189.5101-5.7425%2.196952-5.8727%91.48-6.4909%
Mar 05, 202191.5435-3.6013%2.245791-3.7803%93.54-4.3852%
Feb 26, 202190.1890-5.0276%2.202651-5.6286%91.61-6.3580%
Feb 19, 201191.9637-3.1588%2.233544-4.3050%92.88-4.1783%
Feb 11, 202192.8271-2.2496%2.278863-2.3633%96.05-0.9079%
Feb 05, 202193.2202-1.8357%2.253405-3.4540%93.65-3.3839%
Jan 29, 202187.863-7.4770%2.158995-7.4990%92.97-4.0854%
Jan 22, 202193.6439-1.3895%2.302788-1.3382%96.90-0.0310%
Jan 15, 202196.22801.3317%2.3671071.4175%98.241.3515%
Jan 08, 202196.92722.0680%2.3886572.3408%98.952.0840%
Weekly Performance of Select Equity Index Funds. (a) BDO Equity Index Fund; (b) Metro Equity Fund; c) BPI Philippine Equity Index Fund

aNo update yet.

bNo update yet; data as of May 26, 2021

cNo update yet; data as of June 02, 2021

dNo update yet; data as of June 03, 2021

For step-by step guide on purchasing UITF, see How to Invest in UITF.

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