How to Open a Trading Account

How to Open an Account: Online Account Opening Guides.Online banking and investing transactions have become more and more popular nowadays. With the social and travel restrictions brought about by the covid-19 pandemic, the more it has become necessary to conduct banking and investment activities online. That means being able to do your banking and investing transactions without having to leave your home or office; they could all be handled digitally. Once you have opened an account, you can transfer funds and pay bills, buy and sell stocks, and purchase and redeem other investment products — all online and in real time.

The following are guides for opening accounts with various banks, brokers, and financial institutions. When a bank or broker has its own account opening guide, an icon is presented instead for you to please click to be redirected to their website’s account opening guide.

How to Open an Account With:

BDO Unibank, Inc.

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Please click on the icon to go to the BDO account opening guide.

BDO Securities

To open a BDO Securities account (a trading account) so you could trade stocks and other investment products, you first need to have an online BDO account (a bank account).

  • Once you already have an online bank account, proceed to the portal of BDO Securities at and log in using your BDO online banking username and password. Yes, BDO and BDO Securities use the same username and password!
  • Read and then tick on the “I agree” to the terms and conditions clause.
  • Choose your BDO beneficiary account, usually your BDO bank account.
  • Fill out the Investor Profile, Suitability Forms, type the captcha code found on the screen, and then submit.
  • Review your application and then click “confirm”.

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

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Please click on the icon to go to the BPI account opening guide.

BPI Trade

BPI Trade Login Portal
Please click on the icon to go to the BPI account opening guide.

COL Financial

COL Financial requires one valid government ID, a blank sheet for signature capture, and the applicant’s bank details. Please note that application should be made using a device with camera because selfie photo and video capture are required. If you are using a desktop PC without a camera, you might as well resort to your smartphone or similar device (like a laptop). While you could upload files of selfie and ID pictures from the desktop PC, the video capture is done directly thru the smartphone.

COL Financial Login Portal
Please click on the icon to go to the COL Financial account opening guide.