Best Undervalued Stocks

Best Undervalued Stocks. Value investing is an investment strategy that involves buying stocks that appear to be trading for less than their fair market value or book value.

Like Warren Buffett, known as the greatest value investor today, investors adopting this strategy look for undervalued companies and stocks and buys them, holds on to them, and weathers volatility.

Value investors believe the market sometimes oversell as a reaction to bad news, resulting in stock price movements that do not reflect a company’s present and future fundamentals.

Such offers investors and traders alike opportunity to profit by buying stocks at low prices (and sometimes even at surreal, fire-sale “bargain” prices) and selling them at higher prices.

Here are some of the best Philippine stocks that are currently undervalued and present decent price upsides.

The selection is based on assessed financial analyses of select brokers and include only those with potential upside of 15% or more (based on average target price) and recommended by at least two brokers (after outlier recommendations have been screened out).

The Buy Below Price is the purchase price that will give the buyer a minimum of 15% return when sold at the indicated Minimum Target Price.

The Upside is the percent return when bought at the Last Price and sold at either the Minimum Target Price or the Maximum Target Price.

For details on the strategy of value investing, please read Investopedia’s article on Value Investing.