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Best to Invest is a website that journals the experience, opinion, data, and information gathered by the author in his investment venture, the author being a small, starting retail investor with average financial background. Its mission is to become an online reference site for keeping retail investors informed and up to date on their chosen investments.

The website focuses on Philippine stocks, primarily dividend-yielding and growth stocks, as well as stock-related products such as Exchange-traded Funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts, and selected Unit Investment Trust Funds.

Best to Invest covers only fundamentally sound securities. As such, speculative stocks are not expected to be discussed or analyzed here for the purpose of trading them, and will never be included in any of the best stocks listing on this site.

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Where data and information are lifted from other sources, every attempt is made to give appropriate credit to the authors. If there has been an error or authors would like to claim further credits or want any material removed from the website, please leave a message or send an e-mail to best2invest.net@gmail.com.

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Best to Invest: Gathering information for informed investment decisions.

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