Best Dividend Stocks

Best Dividend Stocks. If you are into long-term investing, you might want to consider the following best dividend-yielding stocks in the Philippines for next year.

The selection is not only based on the dividend yield (ratio of annual dividends and the current price) but also takes into consideration company stability, liquidity (being able to buy and sell the stock without affecting the market price), value (read as “cheap”), and potential price appreciation from prospective events, e.g. the 2022 elections.

A watch list of prospective dividend-yielding stocks has also been included in this section. The names under this list have given investors above average dividends in the past years or even in the current year but present business conditions prevent Best to Invest from including these in the Best Dividend Stocks portfolio.

The 2019/2020 Dividend Yield is calculated by dividing the 2020 cash dividend (or 2019 cash dividend, if there is no 2020 data) by the current price.

A little bit of caution though: past performance does not guarantee future performance. Hence, the dividends declared in 2020 will not necessarily be given out in 2021.