Blog Writing Style

Re-organizing and re-focusing my website

Blog Writing Style – A Eureka Moment. I woke up at 3:15 am today and the first thing that came into my mind, even before I stood up, was my blog. No, it’s not that I’m having sleepless nights, nor the pandemic “house arrest” is getting into me. That’s my normal waking hours and I’m pretty used to quarantines. But for some reason, the first things that popped in my mind were something like “Is my website a blog? Am I doing it correctly? Am I serving its purpose? What’s the website’s purpose anyway? Am I still alive?” (Hey, the last one was just added in jest! You, jerk!)

I quickly jumped out of bed, turned on the desktop, and googled “what is a blog.” It’s embarrassing to admit but yes, I googled “what is a blog” three months after I started a blogging website.

The first entry was from a snippet courtesy of Oxford Languages, which said that a blog is “a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.”

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“Written in an informal or conversational style” – that’s exactly what bugged me when I woke up. I realized that I had been using a shotgun approach in my website, mixing professional news-style writing in some articles and relaxed, conversational tone in some. I felt I hit a stumbling block; but maybe a eureka moment… a moment of truth, a time-to-shape-up moment.

So… from hereon, my blog entries will be more relaxed, more “cooI” so to speak , and more reader-friendly. I’d try to write posts like commentaries, opinion, or experience in an informal manner and leave the formal style of writing in news articles. Subsequently… – oops! too formal – I will then reorganize the website entries by placing the blog articles in the main section (where you see this article) and relocate the more technical ones like news and market outlook in the widget to the right side of the screen.

My blog will start focusing on experience and opinion, The technical gobledygook and news will still be there at the sidelines to serve as tools as I collect experience from my journey towards investing success (or bust).

Blog Writing Style: The purpose

The original purpose of this website was to be “the investing blog for the Filipino retail investors.” I guess the purpose could remain as is in the meantime. It is rather vague but the intention is to share the experience of a non-finance investor to other small-time retail investors like me. However, the manner of serving the purpose would be different this time. It would be more relaxed, more conversational, more experiential, and more opinionated. (Ouch!)

You see, it’s a reawakening moment, a defining moment for something big (or bust) in the future.

It’s March 30, 2021, 4:03am – the eureka moment for this website.