Best UITF Bank Among Top 3 Publicly-listed Banks

Best UITF bank so far from among the the top three-publicly listed banks is BPI. As of January 29, 2021, BPI is leading in all three UITF (Unit Investment Trust Fund) classes that monitors: peso money market fund, peso bond fund, and Philippine equity index fund.

On the money market front, BPI Asset Management and Trust Corporation (BPI) posted a year-to-date (YTD) return of 0.1344%, beating BDO Unibank Inc.’s (BDO) 0.0553% and Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co.’s (Metrobank) 0.0292%.

On the peso bond fund race, BPI investors now have a 0.2764% return on their investment while BDO investors have 0.0500% and Metrobank 0.0437%.

On the equity index fund UITF, BPI posted the smallest year-to-date loss of 4.0854% (-4.0854%). It is followed by BDO at -7.4770%, which is closely trailed by Metrobank at -7.4990%.

The PSE Index closed at 6,612 on January 29, 2021, with a year-to-date performance of -7.4%. BPI’s rounded-off -4.1% YTD return outperformed the benchmark index while both BDO and Metrobank slightly under-performed it.

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