Do you need to keep your money somewhere else aside from under the pillow?

You can start investing. You can place it, among other options, in a better-yielding bond Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) or in higher-yielding but riskier shares of stocks (stock market).

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For information on savings deposit rates and time deposit rates, please select Interest Rates under the Banking sub-menu on the top MENU or click here.

UITF is a collective investment schemes wherein funds from various investors are pooled together into a single fund to achieve a common investment objective. The funds collected are entrusted to a professional manager who manages the fund’s portfolio.

For more information on UITFs, please click here.

For information on buying stocks, Exchange-traded Funds, or Real Estate Investment Trust, please select from the choices under the Stock Market section on the top MENU.

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Grow your money.

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