Best Stocks: Best2Invest’s Swing-trade Portfolio

Best stocks for a happy new year.

As mentioned in my earlier post, most index stocks and second liners have returned to their pre-pandemic prices. The PSE Index is now at more than 19x FY21F P/E (vs 17x historical average) and is therefore susceptible to correction. Despite this, there are still a few stocks that offer decent upside.

My Swing-trade Portfolio

Unlike my medium- to long-term stock portfolio which I started building in October 2020, my swing-trade stocks have an average holding time of two weeks. In the current portfolio, the earliest was bought on November 27, 2020 while the most recent was acquired on December 23, 2020.

Below is the composition of my swing-trade portfolio.

SymbolStockCurrent PriceTarget PriceUpsideBasis
CNPFCentury Pacific Food, Inc.17.5620.5017%BDO FA(a)
FRUITFruitas Holdings, Inc.1.722.0318%TA(c)
PGOLDPuregold Price Club, Inc.40.9058.0042%BPI FA(b)
RRHIRobinsons Retail Holdings, Inc.65.0590.0038%BPI FA(b)
TECHCirtek Holdings Philippines Corporation6.978.4521%TA(c)
My Swing-trade Portfolio

(a) BDO Securities Financial Analysis; (b) BPI Trade Financial Analysis; (c) Technical Analysis